Pre-built Facebook Campaigns

Technology Alert: Pre-Built Facebook Campaigns for Real Estate

Facebook Campaigns are now easier than ever because of a new Infusionsoft integration. Yes, you can actually trigger a Facebook add for a person who is tagged in certain way in your Infusionsoft campaign.

Here is how it works:

1) You Call a FSBO.

2) You put their email in Infusionsoft

3) You tag them FSBO

4) You trigger the Greg Harrelson FSBO email campaign.

5) When someone clicks on a PDF in the email then it sends an ad that automatically

posts on Facebook.

6) Your leads sees you everywhere

7) Your leads has you at the top of their mind

8) You follow up

9) You get the listing

10) You get it sold

11) You get paid

12) You have 1 more happy past client.

13) You change the tag from FSBO to Past Client

14) You get referrals

Imagine the possibilities with this Facebook Infusionsoft integration. Not only are you reaching them by phone, they are reading your emails and now they open up Facebook and they see information from you.

This is BRANDING at it’s best.

If you are interested in getting involved, please let me know. Infusionsoft Real Estate Version 5.1 is ready to go. The original campaigns have been re-done and new triggers and tags have been added.

For those that want the advanced version of Infusionsoft, you have campaigns that include…

Facebook Expired Campaign

Facebook FSBO Campaign

Facebook Buyer Campaign

Facebook General Seller Campaign

If you do not get serious about marketing yourself as an authority in your market then someone else will.

********WARNING: Calling Infusionsoft Direct will not get you the Greg Harrelson Real Estate Campaign and Facebook Integration. You must contact us direct in order to get the Real Estate version of Infusionsoft.

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Published on: May 5, 2016

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