Real Estate Prospecting Tips to a New Agent

I received this email from an agent who is getting in the business. She asked me a series of questions and here are the answers I provided.
Thank you for the nice comments. 
I have answered some of your questions below.
I wish you the best of luck.
Hi GregI listened to your real geeks hangout yesterday. Again, you did a great job at cutting through the fluff and getting to the things a new agent has to do to get out of the gates effectively. I find that many of the webinars some coaches/ agents do end up sounding so canned . It is almost as of they are delivering a sermon! The 2 occasions I have listened to you, you have been direct, no nonsense and no hype. I’m getting into this career ( at 49, single mother of 3 busy boys) and I want straight shooters. So- thank you.I ran a State Farm agency for 12 years prior to deciding to be home with my kids. Here I go again building a life. I know all about door knocking – I swore I’d never do it again when I had my agency running effectively.
But I know that prospecting is critical. So many things have changed with the internet and email since my own experience with State Farm.

My question ( if you have time to reply) is: I know I need to prospect constantly. You mention the morning . If I am not a huge fan of door knocking, are you suggesting that I contact as many people as I can by email and by phone?



“Correct….door knocking is a great technique yet phone calls are much more efficient.

Email is necessary yet emails are going to be sent to a database that will build because of all your calls.



Many people work 8-5 so how will phone calling during these hours be successful for me?



There will be plenty of contacts between 8-11 each morning. Those that are working will not get the call but neither would they answer a door at that time either. You can talk to about 10 people per hour between 8-11. That’s plenty of contacts to build your business.



 Should I just be leaving messages, trying again?



You will have a very poor response from messages. I think it’s better to make more contacts then leave messages. This also depends on who you are calling. Sometimes messages can be effective.



Many people really dislike interruptions at home – are you implying that the phone calling be reserved for warm leads (sphere/ leads coming thru my site)?



No. I am saying call everyone by phone. If you have great communication skills then people will not be upset. They typically are upset with slimy sales pitches.



I’m going to do a mail out for my own sphere, since I lack many contact’s email addresses, as a lead in to my phone call to let my sphere know I’m working with remax.



I personally would go at the opposite…

I would call my sphere and have a real conversation. DO NOT hide behind email with your sphere.

Call them, let them know what you are up to, ask for their email, put them in your database, drip in them monthly and call them every three months.

If you do what I just said, you will be a success early on in our career.



I am working alone – no team. I did build a website and there are lead gen tools built in (tailored to what is permissible in my board) but I need to get on as many lead generating activities that I can.I would be very grateful for any direction you’re willing to offer.




I do wish you the best of luck.

I’ve written many articles and posted them on

I hope you find some value out of them.

Greg Harrelson

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