Infusionsoft for Realtors – Top 5 mistakes made by agents

April 5, 2013 • Articles, InfusionSoft for Real Estate • Views: 3167

Infusionsoft for Realtors – Top 5 mistakes made by agents If you are in real estate then you should have already heard about Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft was introduced the the real estate industry a few years ago and is now becoming the most popular CRM and marketing software used by agents. Continue Reading


Recent Questions from a writer of Real Estate Magazine

March 25, 2013 • Articles, Your Questions Answered • Views: 1251

Article – Real Estate Magazine Region Served: Myrtle Beach, SC Years in real estate: 18 Number of offices: 2 Number of agents: 44 Favorite Real Estate App: Who has most influenced your success? Mike Ferry Where does your market stand in terms of the real estate recovery? The market in Continue Reading


Steps To Script Mastery

January 5, 2012 • Articles • Views: 3064

*View The PDF Version Here. This training article will walk you through the detailed process of Script Mastery. In as little as four weeks, you can develop mastery-like skills and be on your way to a quantum leap in sales production. When doing research, you will find that the Top Continue Reading


Greg Harrelson – Interviewed By A Stranger

January 5, 2012 • Articles • Views: 1885

*View The PDF Version Here. I got this random message from a stranger on Facebook. After looking at her profile, I discovered she was a fellow real estate professional from another area. Her message was a request for me to answer a few questions for which I proceeded to do. Continue Reading


How To Motivate Buyers

January 5, 2012 • Articles • Views: 1663

*View The PDF Version Here. So many agents are looking for ways to create urgency with their buyers in order to get them to make an offer. Another way to approach to get the buyer to move forward now is by MOTIVATING the buyer. Why create urgency? The way you Continue Reading


Direct Mail Campaign

January 5, 2012 • Articles • Views: 1499

*View The PDF Version Here. I want to start off with a few critical points about direct mail. Direct mail as a source of generating business in the real estate industry has been argued about for many years. I personally know agents that are selling 300+ homes per year using Continue Reading


Are You Prepared To Succeed?

January 5, 2012 • Articles • Views: 1220

*View The PDF Version Here. I have had fielded many calls from real estate agents around the country asking me what I felt about the recent volatility on the stock market and how I thought this would impact our real estate market. The fact of the matter is that we Continue Reading


Converting Purchase Offers To Pendings

January 4, 2012 • Articles • Views: 1126

*View The PDF Version Here. If you are like most real estate agents, you are tired of writing offers that never get accepted….what a waste of time. Of course, writing offers is the first step to a pay check yet it is estimated that only 20% of the time do Continue Reading


Break on Through to the Other Side

December 30, 2011 • Articles • Views: 1233

 Introduction I want to start the morning talking about what you want to talk about. It is easy for me to stand up hear and talk about what I want to talk about. Today, I am committed to getting a better understanding of where you are and what you want Continue Reading


What Makes you Different than the Other Agents

December 30, 2011 • Articles • Views: 2214

What’s the difference between you and all the other agents in the business? When you take a good look at any market, you will find that the difference between you and the other agents is very little. Of course, some agents do very little business, some do a little business Continue Reading

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